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Vicki W

Well, my friend never did give me a straight answer as to which, laptop or desktop, was being used. Some cable was replaced yesterday and it seems to be working better.

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All those things are things to do after answering the questions in my first message in the thread.  We have no idea about whether a laptop is being used and if the problem is with WiFi accidentally being turned off in the laptop.  Also, I forgot to account for desktops using WiFi.  If a desktop is being used using WiFi, whether WiFi is on on the desktop should be checked as well.  If you don't check the WiFi connection first, you are following a procedure that may waste a lot of time and not solve the problem until you finally check it.
Regarding working with the modem itself, it is better to try the power cord option first because if you reset a modem, any settings you changed will be lost.  Will your password be lost as well if you use the reset button if it isn't the factory password and will the modem revert to the factory password?  ?  I don't know. 
If you haven't changed any settings, then I'm not sure if it matters if you reboot with the button first.  But I believe a tech told me that even then, its better to use the power chord option first, I'm not sure why. 
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Dear Vicki W & list:

The message is advising of no internet. Reboot the modem, by pressing its reset button if it has one or unplugging the power cord if no reset button. Modems with battery backup need reset button pressed, unplugging the power cord does not reset them.

Check network status, available networks & that at least one wifi network is online. See if Ethernet cable from modem to PC tests good.

Phone ISP and explain no internet. ISP may be able to reboot modem or verify it works OK.


Good luck.

Brian Lingard



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Subject: [TechTalk] network connection problem


A friend just wrote to me with the following error message. I made every suggestion I can think of, and it is still not working. It seems pretty basic stuff, check the modem, the router, the cable connections, the wireless card, call the internet provider.


If anyone has other suggestions, please suggest away and I will pass on the info.





Network error
Unable to connect. Please check your Internet connection, firewall settings or, if you are using one,
your proxy settings, and retry.

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