Re: Did a clean install of Win 10 without upgrading

Monte Single

I think there is a removal tool on the sandisk web site which will remove all the files preloaded on your u s b drive.  Go to the sandisk web site and look for removal tool.


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Matt, your post was for me!  Thanks for biting on the bait first, now I need to be extra careful.  I’ll burn the .iso onto a USB Flash Drive.  I do have a 128GB one around that I’ll use for that purpose.  I won’t plan on burning to a DVD. 


As for a pair of eyes, hmm, that will be a hit & miss for me for a while.  And it may be a very long wait me thinks! 


My 128GB USB Flash Drive is a SanDisk one; now, it does have about three items preloaded on it from SanDisk.  Can I possibly delete these with no hassles?  I really don’t care about those SanDisk utilities, I just want a clean flash drive with no junk on it.




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