Re: Typing with mobile phones?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Sis Carolyn, just like you, I'm ever so glad I can type on my Shiny Android
touchscreen toys. If I couldn't do it satisfactorily, I shall not have
opted to play ball with anything touchscreen. I won't gravitate towards any
technology just because its popular; I'll have to play with the technology,
be sure I can give it all I have to make it work for me before sinking a red
cent on it.

I am, for instance, in dire need of a Braille notetaker; however, the
current incarnations in the marketplace DO NOT generate enough vibes within
me to want to write their developers and sellers a check. So, I keep my
check in my chest pocket and I continue to monitor developments of the said
technology. It is also my practice to first look in the mainstream market
for technology that I can deploy; if I don't find one, then I give some
serious consideration to assistive/adaptive technology. This is absolutely
important to me as my company needs to justify why it should write a pretty
big check in the name of specialised tech gadget.

Denver, Colorado

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