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Robin Frost

Speaking strictly for myself and no one else I always prefer the metal slates at least from APH. The metal has always felt like a stronger higher quality product to me and they've served me well. Again just my two cents no one else is obligated to live by.
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Morning all,

I believe that APH sells slates and styli, but you'll get a much better
deal at either ILA or The Braille Bookstore. They both have all kinds
of slates.

If you're looking for a board slate, APH sells 'em for something like
$115.00. On the other hand ILA LS&S and the Braille Bookstore sell a
full-page slate made of heavy, durable plastic that does the same
thing. It has twenty-five lines and the even numbered lines are
labeled on the edge of the slate. I don't know why it took the U.S. so
long to procure these wonderful slates, but it did. These full-pagers
are the nuts, truly! If you look at the places I recommended, you'll
find that they sell for about $20.00. Who wants to pay $115.00 for a
board slate? Try a full-page one, I don't think you'll want to spend
all that money.

Ann P.

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Hi everyone,
As a person who learned to use the slate & stylus in the early 60's,
I am wondering if Braille slates with the four pins on the bottom of
the hinged parts are still available and, if so, where I might find
them. Also, are board slates still manufactured?
Thanks in advancce for any help.
Greg Daniel
Columbus, Ohio

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