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Hi Kerryn,
While in Outlook Express press, Alt + T, for tools, then press the letter, A, for accounts, tab to, Add, press enter and follow the prompts.  Note:  Below is an explanation of having accounts or identities in Outlook Express and the possible benefits.
Hi David & Rick;
Would it be possible if 1 or both of you, or anyone else on the list would
please explain the differences between Accounts & Identities?  I for 1 and
know of many others who really have a hard time understanding the
differences.  It would be really nice if someone would break them down into
basic lamens terms so, at least for me anyway, my ears will stop glazing
over when I hear these terms.  For example:  How does a person have multiple
accounts under 1 identity or multiple identities under 1 account.  All help
/ explanations will be greatly appreciated by many.  Thanks much.  Take
You may have multiple accounts in a single identity but not the other way
around. An account is your email address and you can have as many of them in
a single identity as you wish.
An identity is for example if you have children or even better you and your
spouse and you both wish to use the same computer but not the same email
account. Also for this example she likes different settings than you do, for
example she likes her contacts to be displayed and you don't. The way around
that is to setup an identity for her with the settings she likes. Then there
can be some semblance of household harmony because she isn't changing your
settings and you aren't changing hers. You like your preview pain turned on
and she doesn't ETC.
Let me know if I can be more clear on this subject as I am not sure how far
to take this scenario.
David Ferrin
Hi David;
If my wife & I have different accounts / email addresses & we share the same
identity, would we then in turn share the same Inbox & all other folders /
settings?  Meaning all emails for both accounts would come into the same
Inbox?  Thank you very much for your clarification.  Take care.
Yes the messages for both accounts would land in the same inbox. The only way you 2 could have your own settings would be to create an identity for each
David Ferrin
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hi group
how do you set up an additional email account in outlook express
not outlook 2003 2007 2010 2013 or 2016
just outlook express
so you will have 2 emails running from it
and how do you manage them?

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