Re: Thunderbird Spell Checker

Shelly Kane


You're welcome.  Sorry that I couldn't help you with this. Thankfully this hasn't happened to me.  Maybe someone else on the list can assist you better.


On 4/18/2019 10:23 AM, Dave wrote:
Hello Shelly,

Thanks for the directions.  However, my problem is when I Tab to the
list of possible words, there is only one word to choose. Arrowing up or
down does nothing but repeat the one word given.

I had it work one time, on one word.  But, I've been using this
Thunderbird program now for a couple of months, and the Spell Checker is
the only thing that still is giving me some Resistance.

I'll keep fooling with it, and I'll stumble on some setting buried deep
within Thunderbird, that I may have turn Off when I should have left it
ON etc.

Grumpy Dave

On 4/17/2019 10:56 PM, Shelly Kane wrote:

I know that I may be late to the conversation but the only thing I can
tell you is when you are done with your email, hit the f 7 key and
then you will hear it tell you the misspelled word and then tab twice
and you will see a list of choices.  You just have to arrow down and
when you find the correct spelling, tab once and it will say replace
and then click on that and then it will keep reading you the words
that aren't correct and you do the same thing for every word. Now
there may be some words that are spelled right because the spell
checker doesn't know and I just hit ignore.  Especially on names and
addresses.  I hope this helps.  Good luck.


On 4/17/2019 10:20 AM, Dave wrote:
Hello again,

I am still unable to get Thunderbird to give me a list of possible Words
to choose from, when using the programs Spell Checker.

Only one time has it given me a list, like every other Spell Check
operates.  But for that one time, all Thunderbird gives me is a Single
choice, and often it isn't even close.

Now I do have some very creative ways to spell words, hence the need for
a good Spell Checker.

Why it worked once and only once, I have no clue.  So, thought I would
ask some of you.

Anyone have any ideas what I need to do to get a list of choices rather
than just one word?

Thanks for any help on this.

Grumpy Dave


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