Re: super anti spyware issue - how to select things to remove

Keith S

've had issues with malware bytes, after it was suggested as the best free anti-malware program.
When I open the malware bytes window, tabbing or arrowing around does nothing.  it's like the window is empty.  Others have had seemingly good experiences with it, but I can't get jaws to read it.
Good luck

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] super anti spyware issue - how to select things to remove

Hi Keith,

Unfortunately, Super Anti-Spyware is not fully accessible to screenreaders. When I came across the situation like you mentioned, I had no choice but to get sighted assistance to select items to be removed. There are, however, items that are selected and removed by default but for those which are not, my understanding is that there is no way a blind person can do it using a screenreader. Perhaps someone int the list using this anti-malware program might be in a better position to throw some light on this. I haven’t tried using Malwarebyte before but I’m just wondering if it would serve as a better replacement for my Super Anti-Spyware?



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Subject: [TechTalk] super anti spyware issue - how to select things to remove


Oka, ran a scan of my computer with the super anti-spyware program.


4 items were found, each a different type.


No checkmarks are indicated by jaws, so I am not sure how to select  the items I wish to remove (as the window directs on the program).


I have arrowed down and gotten the mouse pointer on the item and then hit the left mouse button (via the numpad) and then hit the continue button. 


The program tells me that no items were selected






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