Re: DVD/BluRay players that talk and work with Fire TV

Norma A. Boge

Beth, the DVDs listed on the ADP site should have links so you can purchase the disc directly from Amazon. Please visit the following page for more info, hth.

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Hi all,
Now that descriptive films are sometimes only available on DVD, I’m thinking. Are there any of you wonderful geeks/nerds or tech connoisseurs out there that could give me a hint or two about talking DVD/bluRay disc players? We’re thinking of getting one of those down the road, but I also want to know how many Mac users have external DVD drives and how does that work with a movie related DVD? Does VO read the stuff in the DVD menus? ANd as for talking DVD/BluRay players, how do those work? Which is a better option? And where would I find most of the DVD’s listed in the ACB’s ADP Project? Just so I know which DVD’s to buy at least.

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