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Smiles, aren't we all. Procrastinators I am referring to of course. As it
always does, time will tell. Thanks for the welcome along with the invite.

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Hello Smiling,
Thanks for subscribing. LOL what can I say? I'm a procrastinator.
Hopefully we can make this a positive experience and keep it from becoming
another disposable list.
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Hahaha, o my! Looks as if though you've finally over 6 or so years of
thinking about it (creating a tech list that is), stepped up and created
one, eh? And that lame comment was to Carlos. Glad to see this list up and
running. It'll have its this that's and the others, but which walks of
actually don't?

After receiving a private message from one of the new owners with the
BlindTech list about me using the name Smiling? I was like hmmmm, let's
how long this goes because didn't we all just go through that nonsense not
all that long ago? Blah blah.

Nevertheless, good times and thanks Carolyn for your comments on the other
list regarding the very name it is that I've used for significant amounts
time now. Happy to place a smile upon whomever's face, 100% free, yet
absolutely priceless!
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I am encouraged to hear that about Cortana. I am working on one thing at a
time here with my new system. Right now, I am trying to master Outlook. I
have made some steps in that direction. Then I want to work on scanning
ABBYY Fine Reader. Eventually, I do think I would get a lot of benefit

Best from,


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Hmmm, when I first set Cortana up, you just had to press a couple buttons
labeled next. You would have to look for something called Try Cortana.
set up, she's awesome.

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more information.
On 8/30/2015 5:35 AM, Kimsan Song wrote:

Does anyone have notes or steps on how to set up Cortana for my
windows 10 box?


Kimsan Song

kimsansong@... <mailto:kimsansong@...>

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