Re: creating a group in windows 10 mail


1, open windows 10 mail,


2, tab and enter on switch to people,

3, tab enter on new contact,

now in the edit field type in the group name,


4, now tab until you hear;

personal email edit,

here type in the email addresses of the group members, with a semmi colon in between each email address,

5, tab to save press enter.


to send to this group,


back in the message list,


1, new message ctrl+n=new message,

2, tab to choose contacts button press enter,

now arrow to the name of your group, or you can do a search,

once you find the group, press enter,

now the to edit field will populate with the group email addresses.


you can also perform these steps by going to start menu search edit box,

type in people app, enter on the people app,

now, follow the above steps.




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Read this article, it may help: How to manually set up groups in the Windows 10 Mail app


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Em 26/04/2019 16:29, Melissa disse:

Hi list. Is it possible to create a goup in windows 10 mail? I need to
create one for a ladies group that I belong to so that I can send them
an email all at the same time. Does anyone have instructions? Thanks.


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