need help with windows 10

Troy Burnham

Hi all,

Sorry for the vague subject line but there's actually 2 things I need help with and I wasn't sure how to phrase it.

First, I installed jaws 2019 yesterday evening because windows 10 updated me to version 1809 but now when I go into settings and type something I'm looking for, even though it may be doing what it's supposed to do jaws always reports that I'm sitting on the word settings and it never moves its focus even when I tab. I had upgraded to 1809 a few months ago with Microsoft Accessibility's help and the same thing was happening so I had them downgrade me again, but I found out later that jaws 2019 works best with windows 10 and not jaws 18 or whatever I was running at the time, so this time I installed jaws 2019 and the same thing is still happening. What changes can I make to jaws so I can move around in settings and still know where I am?

Also, every time I install something new I get asked if I want to allow changes to be made, how do I turn that feature off? Btw if it matters when I boot up I go straight into windows without dealing with a log in screen.

Thanks in advance for any help with these matters.


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