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I would think that using the context menu key or shift f10 would generally be the way to right click the attachment.  It requires fewer steps.

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Hi Joseph,

There is no add on required and there is an issue with the names of the
attachments in that they are often truncated.  The best way to get the
whole name is to highlight one of them and right click with your numpad
star key and then choose save and view the file name.  You don't have to
actually save the attachment because when you choose save, a save as
dialogue opens and you are given a choice of where to save as well as
the format if any choice is available. You can then read the file name
and press escape to close the dialogue box.  You can then delete the
file if you don't want it by right clicking again and choosing delete
from the context menu.

On 4/27/2019 10:49 AM, Joseph Weakland wrote:
> greetings i have a thunderbird query. I am using the latest version,
> and when i send multiple files as attachments, nvda says attachments
> list and says how many files, but when i try to arrow up and down to
> hear the name of the files attached nvda says nothing. is there an
> addon required?
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