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thanks mike

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Hi Kerryn,
Try the following:
This is how I send an email to multiple people using the BCC field.
1. Open a new email.
2. Press Alt + T, for tools, press R, for recipients, & tab 3 times to the address book list.
3. Arrow down or, use first letter navigation, through the list and for each person you want to send this email to, press the keystroke, Alt + B, on each
name you want to send the email to.
4. When you have entered all the names you need, tab several times to the BCC list & arrow down to see if you got everybody.  If you have included everybody
you want, tab to the Okay button and press enter.
5. Now, tab to the subject field, enter your subject, tab to the edit field, put in your message, & send as usual.
If you want to use the " To " or " CC " field instead, do steps 1 & 2 but, on each name you want to enter press Alt + T, or Alt + C, for the To & CC fields
respectively.  Then tab to the To or CC list, checkthe names, tab to Okay, & press enter.  Then follow step 5 from above.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Dodgers!
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I don't know if you can.  I've only seen this discussed very rarely and a long time ago, but I think that if you go over a limit of recipients for one message, your e-mail provider will block the message as spam.  This will, I hope, be discussed further.  The best thing to do might be to send to perhaps ten people, and then ten more but that may be too low a restriction and you may be allowed to send to more.

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Subject: [TechTalk] outlook express question

hi group
how do you sen an email to all your contacts in your address book in outlook express at once?

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