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Sandra Streeter

Guessing that, although I haven’t yet tried it, using JAWS SmartWeb or whatever it’s called could gray out the stuff we wouldn’t want to have to arrow through?


BTW, would someone send basic instructions for using the above-mentioned JAWS web thing? I have JAWS 2019. Thanks!




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I’m revisiting this topic as I was able to log in, I typed in my address, and something popped up which I’m assuming it’s my neighborhood.

I have so many questions out of confusion since this is the first time I’m using this.

How do I get digest going concerning interests, also for general information.


Best regards,


Kimsan Song




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Hi Shelley:


I have been signed up on ‘next door’ for about six months now.  I get email notifications when there is something of interest that has been posted in my neighborhood and a general daily post in the afternoon.


I find that the sight is a bit time-consuming to use, as you have to arrow down quite a bit to get to the pertinent info and also click on other links to see all the related posts to a particular subject, but I do like the fact that there are posts concerning my immediate area.


I have been able to post a few ads to sell things, although, it took some fooling around with things.


All in all, it could definitely use some better accessibility for blind users.


I have not used the Mobil app as yet.



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