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Jim Wohlgamuth

Thanks Gene!

I do at this time have I.E. Edge, Firefox and Chrome.  I have been using I.E. for ever but now I think it is time for something new.  I will keep the others so if I cannot get one to work I will have something else to try<SMILE!>.  Thanks Much! de

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On 29-Apr-19 12:42, Gene wrote:
No browser is perfect.  Some browsers work better on a certain site than another.  therefore, while you may have a browser as your main browser, that doesn't mean you wouldn't try other browsers on sites that don't work well with the one you use as your main browser. 
You will probably find some things you will have to get used to, such as that the interface for working with settings and features is different.  Chrome uses one menu.  I would suggest trying it, perhaps going through a tutorial that a member has made available and probably will give the link for in this thread.  but for just plain browsing, you don't have to learn much of anything so you can try that right away.  One important thing to know is that control l is used if you want to type an address.  Control o doesn't take you to that place in the program. 
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Hi there Folks!

Was thinking about  switching my default browser from I.E. to Chrome.  Has anyone experienced any negatives with Chrome, if so what?  Thanks Much! de

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