Re: Opera Browser, is it accessible?

Walter Ramage

Hi.  Thanks.  That's the problem; do I tell Opera to use Mipony or do I tel Mipony to use Opera and wich ever it is, how do I do that.  Ah well, it isn't a life changing issue, the sun will still rise tomorrow.  Walter.


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I've played a bit with Opera and it seems to be quite accessible.
I've never used it for downloading any file, though.
Also, I don't know how you would tell the browser to use Mipony.
However, here's my suggestion.
You could search for a proxy, set it up on your browser and use it for downloading the file if you really need it.
I said if you really need it because well, I have yet to find any proxy fast enough for downloading files, but I guess that if you just let the browser alone doing its things (that is, downloading the file), sooner or later you'll get the file anyway.



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Em 29/04/2019 10:25, Walter Ramage via Groups.Io disse:

Hi all.?? To explain briefly!?? When trying to download files via the Zippyshare host I get a 403 error.?? It appears that for some reason Zippyshare is blocked in the UK and I think Germany also.


It would appear that using a VPN or altering the DNS settings is a work around.?? However The free VPN services I've seen are not accessible and others that might be are rather expensive.?? Adjusting the DNS settings is something I'm reluctant to try because I am afraid of unintended consequences.


I have though heard in the last half hour that the Opera Browser has a built in VPN and I would like to know if anybody has an opinion on this browser and just how accessible, or not it is.


Before the blockage I would download Zippyshare files via Mipony because going through the web site there were risks of unwanted and dangerous pop ups. Using Mipony avoided these nasties so I wonder if I use this Opera Browser how to tell Mipony to use Opera to download rather than Internet Explorer.?? I'm sorry for the complicated question but I really don't know how to explain it better.?? With many thanks.?? Walter. .




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