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Vicki W

Thank you, but not exactly what I'm asking. I all ready have it set to download in a certain place. What I am asking is how can I rename the file before it starts downloading? In IE, there was a save as option where you could rename the file before it downloaded. In Chrome it just starts downloading.

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Hi Vicki,


Go to settings within Chrome.

Locate the advance button and press it.

You can then navigate by heading until you get to downloads.


You are looking for a button that says “ask where to save each file before downloading.

Turn it on by pressing enter and that should do it.




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I have a question about downloading files with Chrome. In IE, there was the option to "save as" so that I could name the file whatever I wanted before downloading it. Does that option exist somewhere in Chrome? I'm not finding it with JAWS if it does.






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