Re: Reporting accessibility improvements

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Chief Blaster, you are a rear, precious gem! Just keep working behind the
scenes on issues of accessibility and let that wonderful light keep shining
for all at the end of each tunnel.

Like you, I've had to work with Lyft forever on making their app more
accessible for Androideans! Before now, it was not possible to schedule
future rides or even add a stop. Now, that's history. Oh, how about rating
the driver? Yes, there was a slider to interact with, but it was always a
hit and miss. When a driver gets a 3Star or less, you'd never see such a
one again. What if he was kind and courteous, nice and friendly all around?
Forget that, the rating wasn't good enough. Again, this is now
history--rating a Lyft driver is a breeze!

I had a contact person I was working with directly; but she was moved to a
different department and we almost lost touch. I kept sending her my
evaluations as best I could even though she was in a different department.
The persistence paid off and now, I am happily enjoying being able to
schedule Lyft unperturbed.

It does make a huge difference when a developer can be reached and shown by
way of some demonstration what could be done differently to make their apps
truly accessible. I could never do that with Windows app developers, but
I'm glad the ones on the Android side of the fence are more receptive and
have good listening ears.

Again, thanks for what you do sire; just keep up the good job. I owe you
all the red wine you can imbibe, I don't like beer! If for any reason
you're coming through my village, please kindly give me some heads up
privately so we can arrange a get together.

Denver, Colorado

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