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Not at all if you have your shared folder for whomever setup to just read and not both read and write.

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There are two things you can do. The first is to hit the application key on a file in focus, and you can choose the option copy link. This link can then be pasted in an email for that person to view or download the file.
Second, you can create a folder in your dropbox folder. Then focus on this new folder and hit the application key. This time you would use the option share...
Then you can add their email address to send them an invitation.
Remember, with a shared folder, the other person or persons could change or delete the file. So, when I do this, I have the files somewhere else on my hard drive just in case.

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I have a free two gigs dropbox from I need help using it though. I could use my computer as a server for files, or good will or
list members among other reasons. How do I invite folks to use itvia
say, email? Bill Thanks in advance

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