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Thomas N. Chan

.That’s the thing, I cant find a good replacement plugins/extension to work with firefox

, IE and chrome at the same time.

With the newer version of firefox, the plain old favourites don’t work anymore


If anyone got any good idea, do let us know.

Thomas N. Chan

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I always have more than one browser, so I have started doing a very round about thing.


When I find a page I want to save in Chrome, I copy the URL from the address bar, and just in case I get busy and forget, I paste it into a notepad document with the title of the page.


I go ahead and save it using Chrome, but later I will open up IE and paste the URL of the page into the address bar after pressing control plus O.


I then save it in IE and I have a folder inside my IE favorites folder where all of my webpages are completely organized. This allows me to have it where I want it and when using Chrome, if I want, I can just go to that favorites folder and enter on the page, finding it quite easily.


It sounds complicated, but it is actually very quick to do.


I just read that the issue with Chrome and bookmarks is a JAWS issue, so maybe it will get fixed.




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This is one thing I don't like about Chrome. There seems to be no control over where bookmarks go when you add them. I no longer bookmark pages. I save them by pressing Control S. This opens the usual save-as dialog, where you can navigate to where you want the file to go. It's saved as an html file that you can open in Chrome by pressing Control O. The down side is that once you've saved the page and opened it in Chrome, there's no way to get a link to that page to include, say, on your blog or website. So, if somebody else has any more brilliant ideas, I'm all ears.

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