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Hello Gene

Sorry but you’ve got me now. I am not sure what you are talking about because my question was about replacing my scanner because I can not find a win10 64 bit driver for my Epson scanner. I do not intend to replace my pc, so I do not know what you are trying to say.





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My Internet was down recently for a little over a day.  I meant to answer your message but I didn't.  So here is my late answer.


Do you have room to continue using the old computer?  There is no reason not to use it for scanning and OCR unless there is a space problem or you are upgrading it and will no longer have the old operating system on it.


Some people needlessly inconvenience themselves by not using their old machine with an unsupported operating system for things off line that pose no risk when they have no reason that they can't continue. 



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Subject: [TechTalk] Does scanner influence scan results


Hello list
I am considering replacing my flatbed scanner due to not finding Windows 10
64 bit drivers. Does the scanner itself have anything to do with the quality
of the scanned document or does it merely take care of getting the image to
the pc. I assume the price would determine how long the scanner would last
but I do not want to lay out a lot of money if the results are not
influenced by the scanner itself. I am sad to have to part from my Epson
perfection 1240U for I scanned thousands of pages over many years.

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