Re: Win7 to Win10, how much of a learning curve is there?

enes sarıbaş


The learning curve isn't much at all. The main thing is the settings app. I used 7 until 2013, than 8.1, and upgraded to 10 a few days after release. You will need to do it eventually so  I think you should do it when you have time.

On 5/3/2019 4:29 PM, Walter Ramage via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi all.  I know this subject has been spoken about before but I never really followed the thread since at that time it wasn't something that was on my mind.


However time has passed and it might be worth making the move from 7 to 10.


There are a couple questions I'd like to know the answer to though please.


I have three computers here and the PC I use the least is the one it has been suggested I upgrade to Win 10.


My computer guy said that the free upgrade offer has ended but he thinks it might still apply to people with accessibility issues; is this true and if so, how do I take advantage of that offer.


The second question is; how much of a learning curve is moving to Win 10 from Win7?  I found that moving from XP to Win7 wasn't too painful and wasn't as difficult as I originally feared but is the move from 7 to 10 going to be the same.

I hear that folk who moved to Win10 regret doing so and they say they hate it and regret upgrading.  Is Win10 really after this time still problematic?


Any help on these matters would be very much appreciated because I don't know what is the right, or even the best thing to do.  Walter.


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