Re: Dear Friends, I could not find an Icon for Windows Media Player on my Desktop

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In addition to Marcio’s instructions, remember that if Media player is running, it will be listed on the task bar. Simply clicking on the icon there should bring the program up on screen.

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Dear Friends, I could not find an Icon for Windows Media Player on my Desktop
Em 07/05/2019 23:57, Alan disse:
How do I make an Icon for my Windows Media Player and put it back on my Desktop?
Maybe it can sound a bit complicated, and probably it is indeed. However, can't think of anything better, sorry.
  1. Open your search box with Windows key
  2. Type Media Player
  3. Find the Media Player icon
  4. Open your Context Menu and choose the option to go to the file location.
  5. Being on the folder, search for the file Windows Media Player
  6. Open its property and copy the path on the first field. It should be something like "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /prefetch:1
  7. Now, go to your Desktop and make sure that nothing is selected, with CTRL+Spacebar.
  8. Open your Context Menu and choose New, then shortcut.
  9. On the field that will show up, paste what you've copied before.
  10. Tab and spacebar on the Next button.
  11. Give the shortcut a name (Windows Media Player, in this case) and OK it.
Now you should have the Windows Media Player shortcut on your Desktop again.
  1. Go to your recycle bin.
  2. See if the shortcut is there.
  3. If it is, press your Context Menu and you should find an option to restore it.
Hopefully your case will be the latter. Less work for you!

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