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Curtis Delzer

and somehow though I have set more than once, windows forgets about hot keys.

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On 5/8/2019 4:14 PM, Marie wrote:

I would like to add that Chrome has a tendency to start without the window maximized. So while in the properties, and after setting the shortcut key, arrow down to run the window as maximized.
When Chrome is not maximized, you can get some weird issues with Jaws.
From: Mike B
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] question about keyboard shortcuts or hot keys
Hi Shelly,
First the shortcut key steps then the differences between hotkeys & shortcut keys:
1. Go to the Desktop by pressing Windows key + M.
2. Press the letter, G, until you land on the Google Chrome icon.
3. Press, Alt + Enter, to bring up the Chrome Properties page.
4. Tab to the Shortcut key field, and type in the shortcut key combination of your choice, like, Alt, Control + C, or whatever other combination you prefer.
5. Tab to Apply button, hit Space, then tab around again to the Okay button and hit Space.  That's it.  Now, when you press, Alt, Control + C, or whatever
shortcut key you assigned, Chrome will be launched.
Shortcut and Hotkey differences:
From: Rick Justice
These terms are often used interchangeably, but are technically different.
These keystrokes are typically used in menus and dialogues, and are
Windows, or application specific.
Familiar hotkeys include Alt + F4, for closing a window in the operating
system, or closing an application.
Control + C for copying to the Windows clipboard etc, or in a dialogue,
like Alt + N for the next button.
Shortcut keys:
Typically tied to a shortcut, hence the name
A shortcut is nothing more than a quick way to a destination,
and when a keystroke is tied to it,it is not necessary to locate the
shortcut itself from a list.
Control + Alt+ J, is a popular shortcut keystroke for starting Jaws.
Items that are found on the Desktop and start menu are typically shortcuts,
and in many cases can have shortcut keystrokes such as Windows key + E for
Windows Explorer,Windows key + R to open the run dialogue etc.
Jaws keystrokes typically include the insert, or Jaws key which is one in
the same.
If you have menu and control help turned on in Jaws, as well as speak access
keys, you can hear many hotkeys as you encounter them.
Take some time to explore your computer, and use a search engine like Google
you can find some pretty cool stuff!
Rick Justice

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Subject: [TechTalk] question about keyboard shortcuts or hot keys
Hi Group:

A friend of mine gave me instructions a long time ago on how to make a
keyboard shortcut or a hot key. I'm not sure what the difference is.
My question is when I get google chrome downloaded and I want to use
Control Alt C, instead of searching for it, I was wondering how to do
that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I forgot the instructions
that my friend gave me. I'm not sure if that's on the desktop or where
it actually goes when I do this. When I use Thunderbird, we have it set
up so all I have to do is hit Control Alt T if you get my drift. Thanks
in advance to anyone who responds.


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