Re: getting many cartridge error notices playing bard material on USB drive

Jim Wohlgamuth

Hi there Joanne!

I seem to be having the same issues.  One thing though, the drives that I am using are several years old if not older. Also, I have over 100 audio books on them.  As I stated, don't know if these 2 things have anything to do with the errors but when I get to Wal-marts or Meijers I will purchase a new drive and see if this problem persists.  Good Luck And Have A Good 1! de

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On 08-May-19 21:23, joanne wrote:
I don't know if the thumb drive is in some way damaged, and I hope there is some kind of fix so my bard player isn't recognizing cartridge errors about every half-hour or so. I did a format and it isn't doing it as often but it still does and I don't know if there's something else I might try.

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