Re: Cross posting


Both Gene and Ron were correct in their definitions of cross posting.
It shouldn't be done because it indeed messes with people's email
filters and like Gene when I see a message that has been sent to more
than one email list I tend to just ignore it.


On 5/14/19, Ron Canazzi <> wrote:
Hi Marie,

The standard definition of cross posting is as follows. You write one
message and place more than one list address in either the To field or
the CC or BCC fields. This is considered bad Internet practice because
it breaks standard mail rules/filters for people who are on multiple
lists and who use filtering to separate different list messages into
different folders for easier sorting and access.

I do indeed send the same messages to different list but I do it as

1. I send one copy of one message to one list with only the single list
in the to field.

2. I go into my sent messages folder and copy the body of the message
to clipboard.

3. I open a new message and address it with one single address in the
to field.

4. I paste the contents of the blibboard containing the previous
message body and paste it into the new message body. Sometimes, I make a
few editorial changes to make the new message conform to the second list.

5. I then send the message.

This does indeed result in people who are on the same lists in receiving
duplicates, but it does not break mail rules and thus is not considered
bad Internet practice.

On 5/14/2019 9:38 AM, Marie wrote:
Could someone explain to me what constitutes cross posting? I
constantly see the same message posted to several different lists but
not sure if this is the same as cross posting.
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