Re: accidental delete of downloads directory, need to restore, urgent!

David Mehler

Hello Geoff,

Thanks, that was the first thing I tried, nothing! It's not in there.
This machine must be set to not send stuff to the recycle bin, I
didn't think that was even possible.

Other suggestions welcome!


On 5/18/19, Geoff Eden <> wrote:
Good morning Dave, how distressing! However, the cure is simple.

Open search with your Windows key, and type recycle.

This should open your recycle bin within which you can arrow to your
downloads folder which you had deleted. Press the applications key and
select restore.

If it's a large folder it may take some time to follow your actions.

Good luck


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I don't usually cross post, so please forgive this posting.

I need help quite urgently actually. I made a mistake and accidentally
deleted my download directory in my user profile, this is on a win10
pro 64 machine. The download folder was highlighted and I hit delete,
I wanted to delete another folder not downloads so I realized I was on
the wrong folder, hit tab to no or what I thought was no and hit
enter, as I did my machine shut down. It's having a heating problem
that I'm going to partially address today and fully address with a new
case. On reboot I found that download directory was gone. I need to
get it back. It's been quite a while since I've had to do this, help!

Any help appreciated.

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