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Walter Ramage

Hi. I got a good explanaition from a response on another tech list. I'll
paste it below for the interest of others. Walter.

An em dash is what most people think of simply as a dash and is used to
separate a word or clause from the rest of a sentence. It can help to think
of it as an alternative to parentheses or a colon. Visually it is longer
than a hyphen. I believe it gets its name because it is the same width as a
print letter m. As others have said, Word will automatically change space
hyphen space into an em dash. Word will also automatically convert two
hyphens without spaces into an em dash. Alternatively in I think any text
software, you can get it by pressing alt+num pad 0151-make sure your numlock
key is on to do this.

You might also come across en dash. This is longer than a hyphen but
shorter than an em dash. I believe it is the width of a print letter n.
This is the sort of dash that you might use instead of the word "to" in
something like "the meeting is 2pm-4pm." You can get this by typing alt+num
pad 0150-make sure num lock is on.

I hope this helps.

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From my husband, the printer:

An M dash is a longer dash; an N dash is shorter.

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Hi folks. I do a great deal of file management, including a
great deal of re-naming of files. Every now and again I
come across the symbol - and I have no idea what it is. I
use Jaws and Jaws pronounces it mDash. I know where the
hyphen or Dash/underline is but I don't know where to find
this - symbol. I'm totally blind so don't see it on the
monitor. So! for those who have sight, what does this
symbol look like and secondly where on the keyboard do I
find it because despite trying, it is nowhere to be found.
Any answers? Walter.


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