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If you open the message, you can shift+tab to the from field.


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I suspect there are easier ways to do this in Outlook.  I don't use Outlook but this sounds unduly cumbersome.  If I open the message properties in Windows Live Mail and look at the information in the details tab, I find the e-mail address, written properly and I can copy it to the clipboard. 


Can you do the equivalent in Outlook or Thunderbird? 



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How to find email addresses?.

First things first, activate your view pane with F8. You'll need to keep it activated at least whenever you want to get any email address.
Press tab until you are on the "from" field.
Activate your Context Menu and you should find an option "copy name and email address" or something like that. Choose this option.

Now, if this is a mailing list, get ready because you'll need to do some acrobatics.

Ok, ready? Here we go.

Open your Notepad
Paste the email address. It should be something like john.doe@...
All you need to do, is to replace the equal symbol with the at. Besides that, you can delete everything after the email provider info (for example, In this case, delete what comes after .br.
After editing what you've pasted, copy it again with CTRL+A CTRL+C and you finally should have the email address, now in its original form, ready to be pasted somewhere else.



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