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The country code for the U.S., parts of Mexico, Canada and much of the
Caribbeans is 1; no 0 before or after the digit 1.

To place an international call from the U.S., the correct code to be dialled
is 011 for direct calls, 01 if placing a COLLECT CALL to an international

Under current dispensation, however, with phone calls being so cheap now,
placing collect calls anywhere has become unnecessary; VOIP and the
availability of prepaid calling cards are huge reasons for this development
and thanks in large measure to technology shifts. It should be noted that
in other countries, dashes are never used to separate numbers; rather,
spaces are deployed.

Aside from the areas indicated in this post, all other countries either have
a two- or three-digit country code; example: South Africa equals 27,
Australia equals 61; Ireland equals 353, Israel, 972! Each country has its
own unique way of placing international calls; for Europe, I believe that 00
has to be dialed before the target country code. Back in the day, calling
outside Britain requires the dialing of 010 before the country code of the
target country. In spite of new developments in the telecommunications
industry, there are countries where all international calls MUST PASS
through an international operator an such a one can listen in on the
caller's conversation and may be even record it. Once when I lived in
Montevideo, Uruguay and I needed to call London, England, I had to request a
call to the desired destination via an international operator and then
waited an hour or two for a 10-minute timed connection. Perhaps Skype,
WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Duo and Facebook Manager may have changed this
quite a bit especially for cell phone to cell phone calls.

Denver, Colorado

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