Re: A quick PayPal question

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Sis Marie wrote:

"IF I pay someone in Canadian dollars, is it automatically converted to USD
equivalent in the app? Never paid in a foreign currency before so I am
pretty uninformed (a polite way of calling myself dumb!)"

Oh my! If my sis considers herself DUMB, what am I? Just laugh.

Ok, it's the other way around dear sis. When you pay in a foreign currency,
the U.S. dollar equivalent is deducted from your Paypal account and
converted into the foreign currency you are paying in once the target
country's currency is selected. Paypal DOES CHARGE A FEE for this service.
And, yes, it's done quickly; Paypal should display for your approval the
total sum of the transaction.

Now sis, go pay me in Robles and Copecks! Take care and have lots of fun.

Denver, Colorado

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