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Keith S

I'm just guessing  at this one but I suppose it has to do with the "customer niche" that the stream fills and the fact that it has physical buttons as opposed to touch screen like a smart phone.  I cannot use a smart phone touch pad due to severe neuropathy in many fingers and wrists.  Shruge.
The email I got said taht the price is going up due to the trade war between the US and China.

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I wonder why the price of the stream is already a bit much, when I
could just buy an old IPod or phone and get the same thing I get with
the stream. I love the battery life but come on.

On 5/28/19, Keith S <ks.steinbach03@...> wrote:
> Just got an email from the blind mice  mart stating that the price of Gen 2
> VR streams are going up by Humanware.  New price is $395.
> Accessorires are also going up in price.
> Just an FYI
> Keith

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