question about talking watch

Keith S

Hi, I picked up a deluxe talking watch from the braille super store and noticed something odd this evening.
I had fallen asleep and  when I woke I hit the button to announce  the time.
It stated the time  and I went about my  evening.  When  I thought that my wife should be home from work by then, I hit the button to once again announce the time  and the watch  repeated the exact time it had stated some time earlier.
I checked my computer and the watch was 4  hours ahead.
Now, it does not advance time at all.
I had the battery changed about 3 months ago, so a low battery isn't the cause.
Any suggestions?
I did  write the company but it is too early to get a response.
Wondering if the watch is damaged, if I  should just purchase cheaper watches in bulk and not bother replacing the with a more advanced model.
My mother in law purchased me a talking watch from the sharper image company for around $100 but the watch band broke and I  could not find a replacement bad (not even jewelry stores could find a band that fit it.  That watch had had it's battery changed 2 times in 10 years and it was the band that made me find a new watch.

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