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Keith S

Here is the email I got, decide on it yourselves:


Hi Folks,

I wanted to pass on the notice from Humanware about price increases starting July

1, 2019.

The Victor Reader Stream Second Generation device price is going up to $395.00 as

of July 1, 2019.

HumanWare also announced prices going up on accessories too, thanks to the tariff

wars by the U.S!

My company stil offers the lowest price for a new Victor Reader Stream 2 at $339.00

and free UPS shipping and no sales tax!

We also have new in stock VR Trek units at $625.00 and free uPS shiping and no sales


These are new VR Trek units, not 12 months or older units that others are selling!

China is not paying for the increase in prices, we are, Thank you Donald Trump!!


Roger Behm

Adaptive Information Systems Inc.

We Make Technology Accessible to the Vision Impaired and Reading Disabled

Roger A. Behm President

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If you're talking about the second generation stream and not the Trek, I don't understand. The second generation is not being updated any more and it's being slowly abandoned in favor of the Trek.  Maybe it's something to do with trade issues between US and Canada.

On 5/28/2019 11:51 PM, Keith S wrote:

I'm just guessing  at this one but I suppose it has to do with the "customer niche" that the stream fills and the fact that it has physical buttons as opposed to touch screen like a smart phone.  I cannot use a smart phone touch pad due to severe neuropathy in many fingers and wrists.  Shruge.
The email I got said taht the price is going up due to the trade war between the US and China.
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From: Lenron
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I wonder why the price of the stream is already a bit much, when I
could just buy an old IPod or phone and get the same thing I get with
the stream. I love the battery life but come on.

On 5/28/19, Keith S <ks.steinbach03@...> wrote:
> Just got an email from the blind mice  mart stating that the price of Gen 2
> VR streams are going up by Humanware.  New price is $395.
> Accessorires are also going up in price.
> Just an FYI
> Keith

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