Re: Firefox Still Blasting Me with Spam

Steve Matzura

The ads vary, lots of dating-site ads, free offers of everything you can think of, always with a "sponsored by" at the end of the ad blast.

Yes, I do download from SS as a non-paying user, but it's not possible to obtain the downloads as you say, because they're not links. They're buttons. I'll bet that's what happened. Sounds plausible and logical. Any thoughts on how to get rid of it?

Oh yes, I checked my Firefox default startup home page, and it's set to blank page. I bet something got in there.

On 5/30/2019 8:46 AM, Gene wrote:
Are these  ads for various products?  Can you give us any idea about what they are about?
Are you a free Send Space user?  If I were going to bet, I'd say I suspect it’s a 98 or more percent probability.  You should never download files as a free user, if you have scripts enabled by pressing the download button.  That shows third party advertising and Send Space has a bad history of using third party advertising that is hacked and becomes malicious.  right click and use what Firefox calls "save link as."  I don't know how prevalent that is now, but years ago, it was a serious and recurrent problem and I wouldn't risk it today.  I wouldn't be surprised if something got on your machine.  I have no idea what it is or how you might get rid of it.  Do you have other browsers?  Does this only happen in Firefox?  If so, try Firefox portable. 
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I reported in another thread that when I start Firefox after it's not
been running for an hour or so that I get blasted with stupid spam
messages,all of it from I have no add-ons. I have no
plugins. I looked through my list of installed programs, nothing there
that should not be. Malwarebytes is clean. I have cleaned out my temp
directories. Yet still the messages persist. I cannot virtualize them
because they close immediately after being displayed. What on earth
could be causing this, and what should or can I do to get rid of the

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