question about iPhones and iPod touch

Josh Kennedy


I may get an iPod touch or iPhone 6s or 7 in a month or two, just something cheap so I can play around with IOS and its apps. I have not used IOS 7 or 8 years ago back in early 2012. I imagine a lot has changed since then. Does it work well with braille? What braille output tables are supported? Are there more games for it than android has, and do they work with the apple airPods earBuds? If I get the new 7th gen iPod touch with the a10 processor, will braille screen input work ok on an iPod touch, or is an iPad best for that purpose? Or since I have an orbit reader20 anyway should I just use that for braille input? Does it work with braille better than android phones? I plan on getting either the cheap 32gb iPod touch or the cheap $330 32gb iPad just to have something to play around with IOS 12, 13, and future versions because I am curious as to how it compares to my xiaomi android phone with talkback.





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