Re: Hard Drive Puzzel

Walter Ramage

Hi. Try your recycle bin, that might be the issue. Walter.

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On one Win 7 Pro System, I have a 500 GB HD. When I check the Space
used, and how much Free Space is left, I get that I only have about 10
GB of Free Space.

So, I listed all of my Folders, both Visible and Hidden on this drive,
and then Checked the Properties to see the Size of each Folder.

After Adding up all of these folders, I have 311 GB used.

Does anyone know where the other 190 GB might be hiding, or being used?

Oh, and this system is not hooked up to the Internet. I do hook it up
when updates for Jaws or NVDA come along, but as a rule, it is not
attached to the internet.

Thanks for any comments,

Grumpy Dave

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