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Hi Dave,

I have used the Ring doorbells and Ring floodlight cam.

You'll need to make sure your WIFI can reach the spot where you want to place the camera and that it has some kind of power.

The two doorbells I have used run on both battery or hard wired to the house for power. Because I didn't want to pay an electrician to rerun hard wire to the bells, I run them on battery. The front bell detects motion more then the back, so the back bell lasts longer before it requires a charge.
Recently I have purchased two third party solar panels for the ring bells that are supposed to keep those batteries charged. Have had them installed for about three or so weeks and the batteries in the bells stay charged.

You could do the same with the floodlight camera I would suppose. I think Ring even has a solar powered one now. The one I have is hardwired.

If you have an Amazon Alexa Echo Show you could say to it Alexa, show the (camera name) and it will open a video and audio feed to the camera.
You can even be alerted by Alexa when it detects movement and speak to whatever is at the camera.
The apps are accessible. There is a monthly or annual fee for the cloud storage.

I don't have first hand experience with the other brand you mentioned.

Hope this helps,

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Do we have any home owners on this list who have got experience with surveillance devices, infrared cameras, motion-activated lights, etc?

The situation is as follows, I've got a part of my property that is not visible especially at night and we've had a squatter. What I'm wanting to do and I have no experience with any of this, no run-ins with this type of technology, is put an infrared camera out there possibly in conjunction with a motion-activated flood light.

As I said no experience from me, but I was talking to two someones today, one of them recommended the Wyz devices, the other recommended Ring Doorbell devices.

Anyone have experience with either of these?

If so, how are they in terms of accessibility?


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