Re: Recording a Webinar or a you tube program?


There are many options to consider.
You can download the Youtube video if you wish and have the audio converted to MP3.  You can also use a recording program.  For what you want to do, Virtual Recorder would probably be the best choice. 
But taking notes while you listen would be much more efficient than not doing so.  If you prefer to do that, then if you find out where you are listening to the recordings from, in other words, what site, we can probably tell you how to pause the program, make notes, then resume listening.  Though it would probably be more convenient, perhaps a lot more, to take notes on a separate device, or to speak them into something like a digital or tape recorder, then Braille them later, or write them in a program like Notepad, copying more or less what you spoke as notes.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Recording a Webinar or a you tube program?

Hi List, I have been watching health programs that have a lot of information, but when I take notes the Jaws covers over the continuing lecture.  If I stop Jaws from talking, so I am typing silently I still find it hard to think of what I am writing and not what the lecture is saying and thereby I have lost what is being said.


Therefore, I think recording it would be the best answer for me. 


I am not sure if it really is a you tube, but whatever it is, do any of you have any suggestions as to how I could manage this?


If it helps to know what I am working with, I am using Windows 10 on a desk top with Jaws 2019.


Thanks very much for any helpful suggestions!


Sincerely, Vicky V


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