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While it is true that Linux is going to a graphical interface the command line interface is alive and well, and many Linux users both sighted and visually impaired still go to the command line because it is more efficient.




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You may need mor specialized help than you can find on this list.  There is a small group. blind-l, where people who used DOS a long time ago and at least one person who still uses DOS are members.  I don't have the subscription information but someone else may know how to find it.  You may or may not need an old computer. 


First, you may be assuming that new computers won't run DOS.  That is an unsupported assumption.  And if you can't run an old version of DOS, that actually came from Microsoft, people are still working on DOS, and there is at least one kind of DOS that is being updated.  I don't know what is being updated in it but it may run on new computers.  At least one person on the Blind-l list knows something or quite a bit about this.


If you are concerned about modems, I believe there are USB attachable modems, but I have no idea if they can be used with DOS. 


It’s a good question that Ann asked about what the person does with the computer.  Let's say its e-mail and surfing the Internet, of course, just reading text. 


You don't have to know Windows at all except something like one or two commands to do such things. 

You have to memorize some commands in the e-mail program such as control r, reply, control N, new, and you need to learn how to use the addressbook.  But none of that requires learning Windows and the person could do that and it would be, for all practical purposes, just like learning another program.


Shortt cut commands such as control alt m could be used to open the e-mail program and control alt I or b or whatever is wanted to open the browser.  Here again, if all the person does is browse and read text, he would have to learn a small number of commands but he wouldn't have to learn Windows. 



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Hi all,

Dan, me thinks you're askin' for a pink elephant.  I have such a
computer, but I am not willing to sell.  I have some files and programs
which I still use on occasion.  Besides, my old clunker is so big, it'd
cost hundreds of dollars to ship it anywhere.  Unless you're coming to
the ACB convention this summer, and you're being driven by somebody
who'd have room for the clunker, it's not worth the shipping costs.

What exactly does your friend want to do with this DOS computer.  He
can't really go on the Net conveniently.  He can't write and print much
that can be formatted properly.  If he has a shell account, he can get
his email via Pine or something similar, but he's virtually paddling a
long canoe with just one paddle.

He could go to Linux which can be used in command-line mode, but even
Linux has gone to "graphical interfaces".  The only problem with Linux
is that you have to keep it up.  You have to update it and run the
server properly.  This takes a good deal of techie knowledge.

I think you can run even a win10 computer in command mode, which is in
fact, DOS, but he'd have to learn the menus for win10.  Actually, if
you quit thinking of Windows as a 'graphical interface' and think of it
as a menu driven program, you might relieve some of the fear of the
unknown.  Sure, Windows is a 'graphical interface', but for us, it's
just like using a set of menus.

If all he wants his computer to do is to read email, then if you can
find somebody with an ancient door stop, you're golden.  Maybe his
sys-admin who runs the shell account would be willing to help him get
into Linux enough so that he can at least run an OS that is going to
facilitate his participation on the Net accurately and conveniently.  
Again, I wish you luck finding a working door stop.

Maybe investing in a Smart Vision II phone  might be a better bet.

Ann P.

Original message:

> A blind relative has always used dos with dialup internet.

> His machine died.

> He is unlikely to use a graphical intrface.

> Does anyone have a suggestion where to find a computer that will still
> run dos, previous windows versions ran on top of it.
> --
> Thanks for any help.
> XB
> m


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