Re: Running dos

Norma A. Boge

Hi, EBay would probably be the best source, making sure to find a seller
with a PC for little or nothing and will ship free. A local computer users
group might be a good resource, and, perhaps, Craig's List, but there is a
risk there. Maybe a call to a computer instructor at a local tech or
community college might be helpful. I understand the idea of perhaps moving
your friend to Windows wherein he could use DOS, but I also can appreciate
someone being comfortable with what they are used to, and they want what
they want. Good luck, I really hope you are able to assist your friend.
Best, Norma

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A blind relative has always used dos with dialup internet.

His machine died.

He is unlikely to use a graphical intrface.

Does anyone have a suggestion where to find a computer that will still run
dos, previous windows versions ran on top of it.
Thanks for any help.

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