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ok cool, hope someone can assist

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Hi, thanks for trying to help! 


Unfortunately, that does not work for me anymore.


I am using iTunes 12.8 on a Windows 10 desk top computerand I think the latest NVDA, since Jaws 2019 won’t let me rearrange songs in a playlist.


I do a search for all the songs of a particular artist and select them all and paste them into their own playlist.


However, I then want to rearrange the order of them.


Now, in the older times, when Jaws would let me, I would indeed, use “Shift+DownArrow” to select a song and then I could cut or copy it, but that no longer works for me.  I have even tried it with Aira watching.  They could see that nothing would happen when I tried my tried and formerly true method. 


However, when I turned Jaws off and then they used the exact same command, it would work.


I found, when I switched to NVDA that the Number pad does not let me move the cursor around. The triangle keys to the left must be used instead.  Under those conditions, I have not figured out how to select one of the songs so I can move it to a different place in the playlist, since “Shift+DownArrow” then selects the song below the song I have just heard and which is the one I want to move.


Can any NVDA people help?


My sincerest thanks for any help in this.  I really miss being able to create playlists as I want them.


Vicky V

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what would you like to do, select files in a list view?

use shift and down arrow


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Hello List, I am bran new to NVDA, but I am trying to use it with iTunes, since Jaws 2019 will not let me select songs to either put them in a playlist or rearrange them. 


I have had sighted people do what I wanted to do and when Jaws is not involved, it works just fine and not at all if Jaws is running.


However, in NVDA I know that I must use the triangle cursor keys and I haven’t been able to select using them, since “Shift+DownArrow” selects the next item and not the one just read.


Any suggestions please?


Sincerely, Vicky V



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