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I'm not sure if these comments will help, but they may help you understand what the commands do in JAWS using the Numpad. 
The Numpad in JAWS emulates certain commands but it doesn't do more.  Just plain down arrow does what Numpad 2 does in JAWS.  Numpad 8 emulates the up arrow.Numpad 4 and 6 are the same as the left and right arrow keys on the main keyboard.
Insert left and right arrow move by word, exactly as control left and right arrow do. 
I'm not quite sure what you want to do but it may be that something isn't allowing the interface to work as it should.  does ITunes cause your screen-reader to go into browse mode?  Should you be in forms mode to do what you want to do?  When you are in the list, if you issue the command insert, that is the default NVDA key and press space while holding insert, Do you hear a sound?  If so, you are probably in forms mode.  Do things work as expected then? 
Perhaps JAWS didn't work as expected because it is in the virtual PC cursor. 

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Hi, thanks for trying to help! 


Unfortunately, that does not work for me anymore.


I am using iTunes 12.8 on a Windows 10 desk top computerand I think the latest NVDA, since Jaws 2019 won’t let me rearrange songs in a playlist.


I do a search for all the songs of a particular artist and select them all and paste them into their own playlist.


However, I then want to rearrange the order of them.


Now, in the older times, when Jaws would let me, I would indeed, use “Shift+DownArrow” to select a song and then I could cut or copy it, but that no longer works for me.  I have even tried it with Aira watching.  They could see that nothing would happen when I tried my tried and formerly true method. 


However, when I turned Jaws off and then they used the exact same command, it would work.


I found, when I switched to NVDA that the Number pad does not let me move the cursor around. The triangle keys to the left must be used instead.  Under those conditions, I have not figured out how to select one of the songs so I can move it to a different place in the playlist, since “Shift+DownArrow” then selects the song below the song I have just heard and which is the one I want to move.


Can any NVDA people help?


My sincerest thanks for any help in this.  I really miss being able to create playlists as I want them.


Vicky V

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what would you like to do, select files in a list view?

use shift and down arrow


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Hello List, I am bran new to NVDA, but I am trying to use it with iTunes, since Jaws 2019 will not let me select songs to either put them in a playlist or rearrange them. 


I have had sighted people do what I wanted to do and when Jaws is not involved, it works just fine and not at all if Jaws is running.


However, in NVDA I know that I must use the triangle cursor keys and I haven’t been able to select using them, since “Shift+DownArrow” selects the next item and not the one just read.


Any suggestions please?


Sincerely, Vicky V



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