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I agree. Someone from another list suggested the same thing. I read about a plastic labeler on one of the websites, but I decided I didn’t want that one because I would probably break it almost immediately. I agree that a metal labeler will be much more rugged.

Thank you for your suggestion.


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I haven't used one in many years.
I recall that there are at least two different models.
They look and fell the same but one has a plastic body and the other is metal. I would guess that the 70 dollar one is metal. This one would be more rugged.

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Hi all:

I know this topic has been covered before, but I am interested in purchasing a new braille labeler. I want a handheld braille labeler like the one I used to own. I’ve been looking online and I have seen them for as little as $25, and as much as just under $70. I want one that is durable, easy to use and will last a long time.

Which braille labeler do you recommend? From where do you suggest I purchase it? I’m considering either or the braille superstore. I think the braille superstore is also known as future aids. I don’t think that I will purchase it from LS & S products or Maxi aids just because I don’t like getting around on those websites. Anything you guys can suggest would be appreciated.



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