Frustrated that emails are not being received that I send.

Carolyn Arnold

More and more, my personal email system is just totally
breaking - like a bombed town. Fortunately, the problem has
not happened with the lists yet. I'm skeptical though.

Many of my recipients have cable email addresses, and that
seems to be the really biggie. With a few, the only way they
get s o m e of my email is for me to go to the Net to send
it or my phone. I don't have a lot of email addresses in my
phone - just another job to do I guess.

I have called my server. They say it is not their problem,
since they will go out on the net. I have checked with
Microsoft Accessibility, who has unloaded and reloaded
Outlook - wow, another pain, had to unfilter 25 boxes and
switch from descending order to ascending order.

So, here is one thing I wonder. If I got rid of my phone
company server and got cable, would I have assurance that
the problem would be solved. Then, too, if I did that, I'd
have to change my address in all of my lists, which all have
message rules. Needless to say, I'm perplexed, annoyed, and

Any ideas can't hurt and would be appreciated.

One reason I am so extremely upset is because last week I
had important information for two family members. They did
not get the emails, so naturally did not respond. They could

If you pray, don't worry; if you worry, don't pray,


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