firefox question

Shelly Kane

Hi Group:

I have decided to download Firefox to see if it reads websites any better than Chrome.  I can't manage chrome with Facebook and I'm hoping that Firefox will kind of read like Internet Explorer. So my question is that after I download it, to make a shortcut key for it, do I hit alt enter for properties and then make the shortcut key right from there and then maximize it?  When I did chrome, I went to properties and then I tabbed to where it said shortcut key and then I made it and then went to apply and then OK.  I also maximized it right away as well.  Forgot how I did that.  But is it the same way?  My second question when I make Firefox my default, do I hit alt F and then go to settings and then hit h until I find where to make it my default browser? Thanks in advance to all who respond.  I hope it's better than Chrome.


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