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Maria Reyes

I own one that has to do with Apple products. I've thought of making one for athletes and one for just general chatter.Just email me privately if you want to join.

Want to join my WhatsApp group, VIP Apple Users? Email me privately with your contact information and I will happily add you.

On Jun 14, 2019, at 11:38 AM, Allen Norris <kf4cld@...> wrote:

I am part of a tech talk group. If you would like to be added just send me
your number privately and I will ad you. I can send your number to the
admins. If anyone else would like to join let me know. We have about 60
members on the list. It does get busy some days.

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Is anyone on any WhatsApp groups? For any interests or discussion topics? I
am curious if there are any I can join? Let me know?

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