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The trouble is, a high capacity SSD is probably going to be prohibitively expensive and SSD's aren't as robust as spinning drives when it comes to writes and rewrites to the same sectors.  I would get a small SSD maybe 256 gb to hold the OS and its related data and a 1 or 2 tb spinning drive for everything else.  If there is room, you could mount another internal, otherwise, an external drive would do the trick. 



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No, I would get a new ssd drive, but maybe only 240 or 500 gig  as they are more expensive than regular harddrives.  I would invest in an external harddrive for storage.

This is all relative to your budget.


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Hello, my drive was bad in my laptop according to the tecs. So they want to replace it with a ssd drive. So my old hard drive was a 1 tb drive. So should I ask for a 1tb ssd drive to equal the old drive space? My pc had 1tb, 8 gb quad core I7. They said their was nothing wrong with all the other parts memory good, usb good, sound card good etc. So wonder why the hard drive had issues, sie. IWonder if I should fix this laptop or get a knew one. I only have it as a backup in case my desktop goes haywire woe! Cheers Heather

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