Google Mail for dummies!

Walter Ramage

Hi folks.  OK, I'll try and keep this simple.  I've joined a new sharing list but I couldn't sub with my current ISP, they must see it as spam or something.  However when I got an iPhone and in order to use Google Maps, I had to create a Google account and by default, I have a Google Mail address and I have been subd using that address.  The problem I have is when I got the Google mail account, I never intended using Google mail but it seems now I have no choice.  Therefore, can anybody help me with using Google Mail.  It has been said to me it is dead simple but I've yet to discover that.  I don't know how to reply to a mail, I don't know how to delete an email, I've no clue how to get to my drafts folder etc.  It is a lot easier to use the iPhone but much of the stuff I'll need to do is via the computer.  I use Win7 and Jaws16, or 15, I have both on the PC.  Help now and in the future will be appreciated.  Walter.

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