Re: Looking for a person who uses both Jaws and NVDA?


Use the numpad key and down arrow on the main keyboard. 
The numpad doesn't do anything in NVDA it does in JAWS.  It is used for screen review and for functions like the equivalent of the JAWS cursor.  Use standard Windows navigation commands.
I'm not saying the following to seem incredulous or dismissive, but you have made a number of statements that are very difficult to believe and I'm not helping you unless I comment on them.
When I used the guide many years ago that error wasn't present.  I find it very hard to believe that a properly written section of the Guide in the help section would have changed and now contain such errors. 
There is a document for those transitioning from JAWS to NVDA, which I haven't looked at much.  While it may contain such an error, again I find it hard to believe that it has been available for a number of years and no such complaint has appeared on the JAWS' users' list.  So I want to be sure what you are using and how you are getting to it.
Tab doesn't do what you say.  Of course, some sort of malfunction can't be ruled out but it is very unlikely that a malfunction of that type would have occurred.  What is more likely is something like that you enabled the caps lock to work as an NVDA key and are using that along with the down arrow key on the main keyboard.  That will start read to end, and I find that much more convenient than using numpad insert down arrow.  You can also use the main keyboard insert as well but again, I find caps lock down arrow to be much more convenient.

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Hello List, I am using the latest Jaws and the latest NVDA on a Windows 10 desk top computer.  I am a long-time user of Jaws, but I am trying to learn NVDA, just to have an alternative. 


I am reading from the official NVDA User’s Guide but finding that the basic reading commands listed there are stated to be like Jaws, but instead they are quite different.


For example, it states to use “Say All”, press the NVDA key, which is the Num Pad Insert or Zero key, plus the Num Pad 2. 


What I found worked to read my test Word document in a “Say All” fashion With NVDA running was Tab plus the Triangle Down Arrow.


Reading by Word or Character also were supposed to be the same as they are in Jaws, but I could not get that to work.  Instead I had to use the Windows command of Control plus Right Arrow or Control plus Left Arrow.


The NVDA stated command to exit NVDA “Insert Q” worked, that is it brought up a dialog to exit.  However, that dialog states to exit use “Alt plus D” and that did nothing.


I am not trying to knock NVDA, I want to learn it.  It’s just I am beginning to wonder if there is something, I need to do with my computer for it to work with the commands stated in its own user guide.


Sincerely, Vicky V



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